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With over 30 years’ experience creating lasting memorials, let us guide you through the process to creating a fitting memorial for your loved one

Melbourne Memorials has been creating memorials for our community for decades.

The design and creation of a memorial can be as intricate as it is personal. This is why our experienced memorial consultants work closely with you during the design process. We work with only the highest quality materials and assist you in writing a fitting inscription, selecting a suitable image of your loved one and choosing detailed accessories. We will guide you in making a memorial of outstanding quality.

Select your memorial style below to explore the memorial style further.

Guided & Supported

Melbourne Memorials is more than a stonemasonry. We guide and support you through a process to create a beautiful and lasting memorial that truly reflects your loved one. Our long standing service to the wider Melbourne community provides assurance that together, we are not only creating a tribute but an everlasting legacy


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Comprehensive service in creating premium memorials

30 years experience

30 years experience