Additional Services

Over time, partially completed memorials may require additional works such as a new inscription when a new member is being laid to rest. In other circumstances, a memorial may require a restoration or a renovation if the previously completed memorial has become worn and is in need of specialised care. Our experienced team are the preferred supplier for restorative work at many of the Melbourne cemeteries so you can rest assured that your memorial will be brought back to its original state.

Additional Inscription

An additional inscription is often required when a new member is being laid to rest at the site where a memorial already stands. Usually, space for a tribute and often a photo has been left available for the second or third person.

Our design team will carefully draft the wording to fit at the site in any language upon request.

Using quality materials such as premium 23 carat gold leaf or your choice of white wash, silver, natural, reverse blast or V-cut (by request), our experienced letter cutters will capture the tribute with precision.

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Occasionally, a memorial requires a minor or major renovation. Our memorial renovation service allows us to add elements to the memorial to capture the tribute originally intended. Services include, re gilding lettering, additional lettering and etchings, adding photos, vases, books, plaques, wedges, doors, candle boxes, lamps, statues of both bronze and ceramic and sourcing a variety of custom made items as requested.

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Over time, a memorial may require restorative work. Our memorial restoration service allows us to restore memorials back to their original condition.
Our service includes specialist cleaning of intact elements and replacement of damaged elements such as headstones, roofs, pillars, doors and other features. We take a very conservative and careful approach to restorations. In most cases, we can complete the restoration onsite, which minimises disturbance to the memorial.

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